Applications of waxes

Field of ApplicationFunction During ProcessingFunction / Effect on    Finished Good
adhesives, hot meltsviscosity regulation, open timerapid set off
agriculture (fertilizers, plant protection)anti-agglomeration aids in controlled release fertilizers; graftingretard release of chemical protection against microbes in grafting
automotive industrysurface protection on metal and painted surfaces; corrosion protection in cavities
candlesmoldability and extrudabilityfuel for controlled burn
carbon paperdispersing agent and binderclarity of reproduction
cardboard, paperimprovement of MVT properties of substrate and adhesioncoating, impregnation, surface gloss, laminating
ceramics and metal (powder)binder for sinteringimproved surface and reduction of rejects
cheeseencapsulation; moisture controllcoating, surface protection
chewing gumdispersion of rubber and gumbase aditiveschewability of gumbase
citrus (and other) fruitsurface and emulsifier treatmentprotective coating
cosmeticsbinder, consistency regulationcomponent of ointments, pastes, creams, lipsticks
electrical and electronic applicationsrelease agent; masking agent in edging processinsulator
explosivesprocess aidphlegmatizer
metal workinglubricationcorrosion inhibitor
paints and coatingsviscosity regulationmatting, surface protection; slip agent
pharmaceuticalsdispersion or surface treatment aidsurface protection; glazing agent; release retardant in drugs
pigmentsprocessing aidcarrier (base wax) in pigment masterbatches
plastics and rubberlubricant (PVC), release agent (PA)improves surface appearance
polishesmajor ingredientsurface protection of leather, floors, cars
poultry defeatheringsmooth skin
printing inksdispersion promotorimprovement of rub resistance, slip, gloss
recyclinghomogenizer compatibilizer
skilubricant; polish
textile industrysizing agentwater repellant, lustering
toner (photocopiers)dispersing aid print clarify